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Albert's First Flight

This is a heartwarming story about friendship and growing up. Albert’s First Flight combines gorgeous illustrations with an enchanting story. As children read, they naturally learn the albatross’ defining features. For children who encounter bottlenecks or face challenges as they grow, Albert’s First Flight finds resonance and elicits their empathy.

Artie and Julie

Artie was a happy little lion, and Julie was a happy little rabbit, until one day Julie was sent to the lush green grassland to eat grass, and Artie was sent to the lush green grassland to eat ... rabbit! Fortunately the two found more satisfaction in friendship, and discovered a delicious berry patch as well. In this innovative design, the parallel stories are told in split pages; when the two become friends, the pages join together as well. The playful art brings the perfect whimsical tone to the story.

Battle of Changbanpo by the Beijing Opera Cats 

It is midnight. The theater is empty-except for some cats. Clang-clang-clang!
goes a cymbal, as one of the cat performers does a spectacular flip!
A black-faced cat proclaims: "I am Zhang Fei-who dares to fight me?" Bravo!
hoots the audience.
These cats may not have the greatest voices or most athletic bodies, but
they sure are passionate about Beijing Opera! This is surely something never
before seen! Every night a wonderful performance! The show begins at
midnight. Admission is free. No humans allowed, only cats. Thank you.

Best Christmas Ever , The 

Business was bad for Little Bear's father this year and he was unable to find work. There isn't much money left.Christmas is almost here, and everyone would be expecting gifts... Readers of all ages will be moved by the touching story told in this refreshingly illustrated book.

Black Village and White Village

A long time ago, there were two villages located side by side. The residents of the two villages disliked each other for many years. Then came a long drought, which forced the villages to pray together for rain. Things would never be the same. 

Everyone, Pull

Why was the radish so difficult to pull up? This riddle, originally posed in a Russian children's story, is finally solved in Everyone, Pull! The answer: 
There was another team underground! Aboveground, pulling with all their might, is an old man, his wife, his granddaughter, a dog, and a cat; belowground pulling with all their might, is a mole, a snake, a rabbit, a fox, and a wolf. The question now is who's going to win?

Featherless Chicken, The

In this lively and humorous book, a featherless chicken longs to play with four beautifully adorned chickens. At first his hopes are dashed, until... Chih-Yuan Chen's artwork dances on full-page spreads, a showcase of completeness and skill, a treasure trove of childhood fun. The Featherless Chicken is full of humor and highly entertaining episodes. At story-sharing events, young readers have received it with great enthusiasm. 


Leaves are cribs for tiny caterpillars. Flowers are slumbering beds for butterflies. All singing birds have cozy nests. Home, in Yang Huan's eyes, has abundant possibility. His poem recreates images of little creatures in nature, evoking the tender feeling of peaceful existence.

Master Mason


Master Mason was the best builder in town. Temples, houses, monuments... He received nothing but praise for whatever he built. Master Mason fell sick and decided to return to his faraway hometown to recover. When the village leader heard that a group of bandits was approaching, he decided to build a wall to protect the village. But Master Mason was gone. He called for Master Mason's young apprentice. What should the young apprentice do

Me and My Bike


This book portrays a youth's dream to own a brand-new bicycle. With this dream as the central axis, the tale explores how the youth interacts with his grandfather, friends, and mother; how, in hope and despair he is able to adjust his moods, admit that nothing is perfect, and-with a smile-find strength in himself.  

The Potty Story


Seven interesting questions about where animals go potty.

Give Me a Smile,Bo


Humorously presents young children’s attachment to Mommy.  

Mimi Doesn't Want to Draw


Mimi does lots of fun things when her Grandma comes to visit. When Grandma goes home, Mimi experiences a change...  

Mimi's Pacifier


Cleverly presents young children’s need to suck.  

Mimi the Tag-along


Vividly portrays how Mimi loves to be Mommy’s tag-along.  

Mimi Meets Books


Warmly presents how Mimi meets and falls in love with books.  

Mimi Goes Potty


This book's fun story and vivid illustrations appeal to young readers. Parental acceptance can make the "potty" experience a happier one for children.  

Mimi Tidies Up


Mimi loves to play everywhere. Her toys are scattered all over her bedroom, the living room, even the garden. Does your child likewise leave toys scattered all about? Young children require a sense of order, just like fish need water. An external environment without order affects the development of a child's inner sense of order. This lively, lighthearted story encourages very young readers to put their toys back where they belong. Repeated patterns, charming illustrations and an unexpected twist combine to make this little book one that both parents and children will want to come back to again and again.

Mimi Loves to Mimic


Does your child love to imitate others, like Mimi? Imitation is part of a child’s nature, a means by which they learn about and explore their environment. This is a book that looks at the world through children’s eyes, vividly portraying their world of imitation. Repeatedpatterns, charming illustrations and an unexpected twist combine to make this little book one that both parents and children will want to come back to again and again.

Mimi Says No


This book is simple and fun. Mimi expresses herself with a directness and strength that resonates with young readers.As they become more independent, toddlers enjoy exploring their environment and develop a more 
clearly defined sense of self. In many situations, they tend to insist on doing something themselves. "No" becomes their pet phrase. Satisfying this psychological need benefits both their mental and physical development. 

Missing Grandma


Grandmahas died. Fay misses her terribly, wishing that they could still go for afternoon tea and to the amusement park like before. Fay often looks up at the sky. Whenever she sees a bird in flight, she wonders if perhaps it has seen her grandmother. On Tomb Sweeping Festival, Fay goes with her parents to tidy the area around her grandmother’s grave. Suddenly, a gust of wind comes, carrying the card Fay made for her grandmother far away into the sky... 

Mom, It's Sunny Outside


Shortie wants to be with her mother. It just so happens to be sunny outside."Mom, it's sunny outside. Will you take me out to play" The vivid portrayal of a child's earnest wishes in this book and the emotional turning point when Shortie's mother puts aside her work to embrace her child, have elicited sympathetic responses from readers of all ages. 

My Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Clara and Cora’s father works on a ship. He goes on long voyages that take him around the world. While he is gone, he thinks about his family a great deal. Clara promised to send him letters about what is happening at home. She mails the letters to every port city he lands in. Mother is an artist. All year long, she reads the letters and makes paintings about them in a book. It will be their gift to Father when he returns. 


Set against the majestic mountains and rivers of Taiwan, this book tells the story of the aboriginal warrior Nalu. 
Though Nalu is the strongest, toughest, and bravest of all the local warriors, he's hopeless when it comes to hunting. Perhaps this is because he possesses a rare and commendable quality!Xa true appreciation of life.


Open the Door Myself


The thing that I worried would happen, finally did. Dad’s company was short-handed and Mom had to go help out. Before, when I got home from school, Mom would always be waiting at home for me. Now, I had to open the door all by myself. The poetic quality of the text and unique style of illustration combine to create a sense of beauty that is full of lasting charm.

Papa Bear Goes to Work in Another City


Papa Bear is going to work in another city for six months. This will be the longest he’s ever been away from his family... 
After The Best Christmas Ever, the Bear family faces another challenge. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Little Bear all have their own way of easing the anxiety of separation. Despite being a thousand miles apart, they are still able to feel each other’s love...


Play for You


A piano made of spruce is the precious gift Cathy receives on her birthday. As her first recital looms, Cathy's mom accompanies her during long hours of practice... 
This is a story that deftly conveys the comforting essence of music. Ander's cinematic illustrations moreover impart a uniquely appealing quality.


Soiree for the Fruits


A fruit shop clock chimes twelve times, 

And awakens all the fruits. They ask the night breeze to conduct a band of bugs; This is how a wonderful soiree begins.In the poet Yang-Huan's eyes, all fruits are talented. When the party begins, and they sing together, the fruits'  joyful voices can drive awaythe darkness;their singing also heralds the sunrise for another beautiful morning.

Summer Night


When the streetlights light up, bidding the village good night,Gently comes the summer night.It comes! It comes! Gently descending the mountain slope. It comes! It comes! Gently slipping down through the coconut trees. Yang-Huan has a talent for capturing ordinary life and transforming it into memorably charming lines. With rhythmic verse, Summer Night brings to children the sweetest, most wonderful recollections of country life. 

Things I Always Wanted to Do, The


Being aware that life is limited helps us to better appreciate its preciousness, and use wisely the time we have left. This book touches upon several questions that involve parents and their children: What kinds of things do children want to do most? How should we make the best use of our remaining time? When parents and children read this book together, and hear a child's thoughts on these questions, the process offers a chance for mutual understanding. The simple, poetic quality of the text and unique style of illustration combine to create a sense of beauty that is full of lasting charm.



The poet describes a young girl wearing a pair of clogs, walking around her neighborhood in the summertime. As the onomatopoetic pattern of "Tik-a-tok, Tok-a-tik" is repeated, a certain musicality results. When transitions occur in the poetry, this pattern accentuates the beauty of the story's "melody." The rhythmicity produced by the poetry and illustrations resembles the light, crisp percussion of wooden clogs, paired with the melodious strings of childhood recollections-all "music" to which the reader will soon find himself dancing along. 

Water on the Mountain

In a mountain valley there was a small brook, ever clear and ever flowing. The animals loved to drink from its sweet waters, and depended on it for their survival. One morning, however, the water hen discovered that the little brook had dried up...
In life, we encounter a variety of problems. Often, because we are unable to truly grasp the root of a problem,we fail to make any progress, despite spending much time and energy. This book raises many issues suitable for discussion. As parents and child enjoy the book together, they will come to 
better understand one another.

Where is Spring? 

A little boy sends his kite up to ask around ... 
This poem lights up all the imagination of a season. From field to forest, from far away seas to places nearby,Yang-Huan invites readers to follow the footsteps of spring and start a wonderful blossom trip.

Who Stole Willy's Lunch ?

The lunchtime bell sounds. Huh? Willy's lunch is gone! 
Who stole the lunch? Was it Chuck? Or Jerry? 
Or was it...the monkey ?! 
In the little school at the foot of the mountain, everyone 
makes wild accusations based on limited information.
Just how far have their imaginations strayed from reality?
The school is a microcosm of our world

Yang Huan Forever


Yang Huan is a pioneer of modern Chinese children's poetry. His works are filled with a fairytale-like imagination and true feelings, continuing to inspire young readers after half a century. Several have been chosen for inclusion in primary and secondary school textbooks. 
The four classic poems: Where is Spring?, Summer Night, Homes, and Soiree for the Fruits are accompanied by beautiful illustrations, as well as moving melodies, courtesy of the Taipei Philharmonic Children's Choir.