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The children's poetry of Yang Huan is filled with fairytale-like imagination and sincere sentiment. Although Yang's life ended at the tender age of 25, he remains one of the genre's most outstanding and memorable contributors. For the past 50 years, Yang's corpus of twenty poems has served as a creative standard. A pioneer of modern Chinese children's poetry, several of his works have been chosen for use as primary and secondary school textbooks, continuing to be popular with young readers after half a century.

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Hsiao-Yen Huang 

Huang studied fine arts in university, and after graduating, went to France to study contemporary art. Huang's artwork is filled with memories of childhood and her hometown. With skillful use of color,she creates imagery that is simple yet refined, resulting in a highly original style. Currently, Huang is a university art teacher. 

Book Review

A gentle poem written more than 50 years ago and poignantly illustrated by two contemporary artists. They use vibrant greens and blues to express excitement in the flesh new season. Text lines swirl, as if in a breeze, in graceful curves on each spread, showing fields of grass or birds in flight. "Do you not see the earth awakening from its winter sleep, Combing the hair of the trees and putting new clothes on the fields?" This mood piece may be paired with or supplement such titles as Francisco X. Alarcon's Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems (Childrens Book Press, 1997) about the anticipation of this rejuvenating season


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