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Ander's fondness for drawing goes back to his childhood. Following graduation from university, he found work in animation company, where he spent the next 15 years. During this time, Ander participated in Hollywood productions of numerous animated children's films, which have been enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Me and My Bike is his first book.

Book Review

Deep emotion flows beneath this simple text: longing, frustration, joy, resourcefulness. The story feels personal, like a memory or slice of the author's life, and the child's first-person narration does not detract from the almost adult sophistication of the telling. The book has the feel of a graphic novel. The sketchy cartoon illustrations done on heavy textured stock are full of movement and changes in perspective, and they carry much of the storytelling and humor. This is a beautifully understated, often amusing meditation on being resilient, appreciating what you have, and still sustaining hope for something better. 


XSchool Library Journal

Ander gives the tale a contemporary Chinese setting, dressing the skinny narrator in sneakers and baggy shorts, placing him in tidy but not-so-prosperous surroundings and tucking in non-English signs and sound effects for added flavor. Printed on textured paper, the bright, delicate illustrations begin and end on the endpapers; nonetheless, pasting down the flaps won't hide anything significant in this thoughtful take on the universal theme of wanting one thing, but settling for something else.