The Little Stone Lion

Written / Illustrated by Kim Xiong

The Best Christmas Ever

Written / Illustrated by Chih-Yuan Chen

The little stone lion is the village's only stone lion, and its only guardian spirit. Everyone in the village loves him. Although small in size, the little stone lion is far older than even the oldest village elder. He has always been there, watching over everyone's lives. In him are preserved the memories of many a person...more...

Business was bad for Little Bear's father this year and he was unable to find work. There isn't much money left. Christmas is almost here, and everyone would be expecting gifts... Readers of all ages will be moved by the touching story told in this refreshingly illustrated book.   more...


Written by Yang-Huan 

The Monster of Palapala Mountain

Written / Illustrated by Lai Ma@

Illustrated by Hsiao-Yen Huang

Leaves are cribs for tiny caterpillars.
Flowers are slumbering beds for butterflies.All singing birds have cozy nests...

Home, in Yang-Huan's eyes, has abundant possibility. His poem recreatesimages of little creatures in nature, evoking the tender feeling of peaceful existence .     more...

Bubba the white pig tumbles,helter-skelter,
down Palapala Mountain because he sees
a monster. Sugarplum Village is alarmed,
fearing lest the monster come down the
mountain. The villagers begin to think of
ways to protect themselves until two
porcupines come down the mountain and
then everything becomes clear.    more...

Not My Fault

Written by Leif Kristiansson

Willie the Wheel

Written / Illustrated by Eric Chenn 

Illustrated by Dick Stenberg

Willie the Wheel lives in the park. He is 

The collective memories of childhood will always include the scene of a classmate being bullied and victimized. In such a situation, do we choose to stand up and protect him or her ? Do we watch silently from the sidelines? Or do we join the ranks of the bullies?    more.....

no longer a real bicycle wheel. He is a
piece of art now. Though this makes him
proud, he misses rolling around on the
ground. What can he do to regain the joy
of being free
HThis is a warmly unique
modern fairy tale. Following Willie's
wanderings, we witness his expectation
and joy, experiencing a brave and
adventurous journey of self-discovery.    more...

The Coloured Person

Written / Illustrated by Jérôm Ruillier

The Changing Countryside

Written / Illustrated by Jšrg MŸller

A traditional oral story from Africa, 
passed through several generations, 
now becomes a wonderful picture book containing a challenging theme
for young children... 



A simple little village, Where butterflies and fragrant flowers cohabited, the buzz of cicadas and songs of birds commingled, enveloped by the stars and moon.
One day, a bulldozer came... 
This book is composed of seven full-spread illustrations. The illustrator worked from the same perspective as previously, taking three years to meticulously record changes occurring in a small village over a twenty-year period.  

Mom, It's Sunny Outside 

Summer Night

Written / Illustrated by Su-Hsia Hsu 

Written by Yang-Huan 

Illustrated by Benrei Huang

Shortie wants to be with her mother.
It just so happens to be sunny outside.
"Mom, it's sunny outside. Will you
take me out to play? The vivid
portrayal of a child's earnest wishes
in this book and the emotional turning
point when Shortie's mother puts aside
her work to embrace her child, have
elicited sympathetic responses from
readers of all ages. 

Yang-Huan has a talent for capturing ordinary life and transforming it into memorably charming lines. With rhythmic verse, Summer Night brings to children the sweetest, most wonderful recollections of country life.   more...

Master Mason

Written / Illustrated by Bor-leh Liou

Master Mason was the best builder in
town. Temples, houses, monuments...
He received nothing but praise for
whatever he built. Master Mason fell
sick and decided to return to his
faraway hometown to recover. When
the village leader heard that a group
of bandits was approaching, he decided
to build a wall to protect the village.
But Master Mason was gone. He called
for Master Mason's young apprentice.
What should the young apprentice doH