ˇiAuthor Biographyˇj


Yang Huan's poems for children are filled with a fairy
talelike imagination and true feelings. A pioneer of 
modern Chinese children's poetry, several of Yang's 
works have been chosen for primary and secondary 
school textbooks. Even now, a half-century later, they 
continue to be a great source of interest for young readers.



ˇiiIllustrator Biographyˇj

Benrei Huang

IBenrei Huang was born in 1959, in Taipei, Taiwan. After 
graduatingfrom New York's School of Visual Arts, Huang 
traveled and worked in the USA as anillustrator of 
children's books, a vocation which has engaged her for 
nearly 20 years. Of these, several have earned awards and 
critical praise in the US.