[Author Biography]



Yang Huan's poems for children are filled with a fairytal
e-like imagination and true feelings. A pioneer of modern
Chinese children's poetry, several of Yang's works have 
been chosen for primary and secondary school textbooks. 


Even now, a half-century later, they continue to be a great 
source of interest for young readers.



[Illustrator Biography]

H. Y. Huang


Huang studied fine arts in university, and after graduating, 
went to France to study contemporary art. Huang's artwork 
is filled with memories of childhood and her hometown. 
With skillful use of color, she creates imagery that is simple
yet refined, resulting in a highly original style. Currently, 
Huang is a university art teacher.




Book Review


Yang Huan published ¡§a mere twenty poems¡¨ in his lifetime, 

but according to the publisher¡¦s Web site, they set a 

standard for modern Chinese children¡¦s poetry. Indeed, 

this small poetic gem, just over 100 words, is a quiet 

evocation of nature that makes a lovely pairing with 

Huang¡¦s artwork, which wraps itself around the poetry 

like a cozy patterned quilt. The words sweep across softly 

tinted landscapes of leafy, bird-filled trees; delicately 

flowered fields; rushing creeks; and gray, stormy skies, 

where ¡§Leaves are cribs for tiny caterpillars / Flowers are 

slumbering beds for butterflies¡¨ and clouds ¡§are so anxious 

that their tears flow whenever the sky darkens.¡¨ The last 

spread brings the theme of homes to kids¡¦ own lives: 

parents and children together in a sunny room, a home 

where children ¡§can grow up safe and sound.¡¨ Sweet, but 

not saccharine, this serene book will make an especially 

nice bedtime lapshare. (Stephanie Zvirin)